Wood is Rich

Perfect combination of beauty and utility

About us

The concept of Avi’s Creations came naturally to us.

It is the outcome of the creative flair that we have always had. Wood is rich because wood is natural.  And whatever is natural attracts us. We sincerely feel that we should spread the joy of being natural.

At Avi’s creations, woody creations don’t involve artificiality. It’s the chiseling that casts magic. First, sensing the power of wood and then conjuring up magic from the wood…….!

Then there is a perfect combination of beauty and utility.

Our years of involvement in the hospitality industry (www.nisargresort.in)            has gifted us the eye for aesthetics, detailing and the joy of rich living through the simplest things.    

Our Products


Wooden Shelves

So wondrous! So mesmerizing!

Avi’s Creations wooden shelves are a perfect combination of beauty and utility. Enhance the elegance of your study room, bedroom or even your creative office space. 

Wooden log furniture

Creative charm is as easy as
falling off a log.

Avi’s Creations wooden log furniture is a perfect combination of beauty and utility. Work, think, innovate or just relax. Exciting moments with Avies furniture will ignite the creative flame within you. At your home or office. The charm is always there.

Wooden Book shelves

The joy of stacking and reading.

Avi’s Creations book shelves are a perfect combination of beauty and utility. There is a certain joy of putting your books in order. This gives you a different sense of owning the books. With a steaming cup of coffee in your hands, every page you read will give you new excitement. Knowledge will never be dry with these amazing book shelves.

Epoxy Resin Furniture

Epoxied with innovation.

Avi’s Creations epoxy resin furniture is a perfect combination of beauty and utility. Fresh, unconventional and unorthodox. Avis epoxy resin furniture is a special invitation to a rebel within you. Perhaps it is this magic that you have been waiting for!

Wooden Mirrors

On reflection, it’s exciting!

Avi’s Creations wooden mirrors are a perfect combination of beauty and utility. Wood is wood. A mirror is a mirror. But how about Avis wooden mirrors? Because unthinkable is thinkable at Avis and with Avis. With Avis wooden mirrors, your bedroom, dressing room, bathroom – everything will have a different and innovative look. Avis wooden mirrors. Look at your new reflection and you also will be convinced

Office Organizers

Do business in style
and in the right order.

Avi’s Creations office organizers are a perfect combination of beauty and utility. Your work table is organized when you are organized. Add a little spice of beauty to it and see how it changes your style of business. Convenience will now have a chic look. Avis office organizers. Convenience, confidence and comfort.


Wooden clocks

Time flies!

Avi’s Creations wooden clocks are a perfect combination of beauty and utility. Time flies when you have Avis wooden clocks. This wonderful collection of Avis wooden clocks will convert time into magical moments. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades…..time will come, touch you with its beauty and go. With Avis wooden clocks, time never hangs heavy.

Wooden planters

Listen to
the silent language of plants.

Avi’s Creations wooden planters are a perfect combination of beauty and utility. Mother nature talks to you in many ways. ‘Plants’ is one of the ways. The small twigs and tiny leaves are telling you their own stories. They are there with you to give a beautiful touch of closeness to mother nature. Take a break and just watch them silently. Moments of rest. Watering these little plants is a joy beyond words.  They consume so much little water and in return, they give so much joy to you. Bring nature to your table.


Wooden sign boards

The power of your name.

Avi’s Creations wooden sign boards are a perfect combination of beauty and utility. Before your customers and clients approach the front office and the front of your home they will see the power of your name. Avis wooden sign boards strengthen the power of your name, the brand identity and yes, the overall brand personality. Let the quality, confidence and trust be felt right from the entrance. Because your business has its own personality. 

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